Film processing is a huge undertaking, it requires a very large electro-mechanical-chemical machine just to take your negatives which have been exposed, to a state where they are developed - viewable in light and ready to print or scan.   It also requires a dedicated staff who knows the nature of film, how to treat it and how to get the best results.  It really is an art form like none other.

Film Processing

• $14.99 per roll
• Due at drop-off

• Expert C-41 Color Processing
• Film Lab Labor
• 4x6 glossy or matte prints
• Disc or Dropbox Link of Digital Picture Files
• 4-Day Turnaround Time
• Original negatives are not returned

USB Upgrade
• USB drive of digital picture files $5

 Totally Blank Roll?
• Receive a $2 credit on your next roll of film processing!
• Valid for one year after your drop off date.