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Recently, I've been building a swing set in my back yard for the kids.  I didn't want one of thise monster sets - just something simple and nice.  So I decided to build it myself.  I priced out lumber at a large hardware store in Gloucester, but I ended up purchasing the lumber at my local hardware store.  I was very surprised that the local store was cheaper.  Not only that, saved me an hour drive, and they loaded the wood directly on the truck. 

I don't know why this surprised me.  Just like in our business we go out of our way to make people happy, and our prices are right in line with the big photo labs.  As a community we really need to change our shopping mindset.  Think about shopping local all the time - shopping local is code for 'save money & help the people you love'.  As for me?  You'll be seeing me in my local hardware stores more often!