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Yeah - of course it does!  A couple years ago the last roll of Kodachrome film was processed, this made national headlines, and everyone wrote it off as the end of film.  NOT SO!

Kodachrome was just one type of film.  Indeed it was a special film, it was a staple of many photographers for years and was even the name of a Paul Simon song, and a State Parks namesake in Utah.  It took special chemicals and machinery to process this film. 

Regular ole' 35mm color film is still being produced and labs like us are still processing it.  You can still purchase it in our shop, even disposable cameras. 

Here's something you haven't thought of - you have rolls of film in the house, or negatives laying around - we can print them, or perhaps even better - scan the film.  Digital images for Facebook and twitter!

So the next time someone says... film do they still make that stuff  say yeah!  and Yours Truly is the place to go!

OH, check this out, is a Youtube video of how film was made years ago!  It really is fascinating.