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First, read this...     http://www.rrecord.com/-news/2015/7-23-15

Ok, so if you didn't read it, you need to, but here's the jist. Kilmarnock may crack down on 2 great food places. I personally feel that if a Decent business is succeeding in our small town, they shouldn't be under the scrutiny of our town council.  Is scrutiny the right word, I don't' know.

anyway, the other day as I was driving I had an idea. Food truck Friday. Pretty simple, let's get a bunch of people to check out the food trucks to see what they have to offer.  It's not about me or yours truly photo, and I don't want to become involved In a debate. I'm just out to see a few businesses succeed.   I made the flyers and took them around to local businesses.  It should be fun.

So food truck Friday is happening this Friday, July 31. 

Something that I didn't put on the flyer was something to the effect of:  If you say buy local, put your money where your mouth is, then put your mouth on some good food.  But I couldnt shorten it to something that makes sense.  

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