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I was at the ball field the other night and I overheard some people talking about our business...  It was funny - they were from out of town, and only see me at baseball games, so naturally that's all we must do right?.  They were talking about how we must make a 'killing' photographing these games, but since were just a 'seasonal business' we don't do anything during the winter months.  This was quite funny.  And for the record, in Northern Neck small business there's no such thing as 'making a killing'.

On the other hand we have customers who only see us as a lab where they get photos printed.  Others only know us for senior photos.  Pretty interesting.

This past weekend was insane.  We photographed 27 teams playing baseball over a 4 day period, employing several photographers and sales personnel.  Meanwhile, I was in Williamsburg most of the time photographing events centered around a beauty pageant.  I had to follow the girls around town shopping, bowling, etc.  Some days at was at the hotel ready to start photos at 7am.  In the evenings after everyone had completed at the baseball fields I would drive the 1.5 hours to the shop to print photos until about midnight to ensure that we had photos to sell and everything stayed on track.  On top of all this our studio was still open each day, taking orders, processing film, and printing digital photos.

I'm not complaining, I really love what we do, and our team handles it well.  (I'm just glad it's a seasonal sports photo business :-)