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I love movies, especially old ones - like really old.... silent films.  Watching and studying these, how they were filmed - the lighting and subtle qualities help make me a better photographer.

Last night I watched George Melies 1902 film, 'A Trip to the Moon' on Netflix.  It's just 15 minutes long, and a real treasure.  To truly understand it, read a little about George Melies and what film making was like in 1902.  The film & Melies are a major part of the 2012 Martin Scorsese movie 'Hugo'

I have such an appreciation for silent and other classic movies.  Films that shaped the industry and this country.  A favorite of mine is The 1927 Buster Keaton film, 'The General', also available on Netflix.  Buster Keaton was a fantastic actor and director during the silent movie era, his comedy was real, and it is easy to put yourself into his shoes. His story lines were well developed instead of just slapstick comedy of other comedians of the era.

The General is loosely based on the true story of raiders from the union army who infiltrate confederate territory to destroy rail supply lines.  Buster Keaton is the man who chases them, and eventually saves the day.  His stunts and incredibly dangerous.  One of the final scenes was the most expensive scenes in the entire silent movie era.  If you haven't seen 'The General' be sure to, if you like it, check out 'Steamboat Jr.' with Buster Keaton.

As I write this, I can't help but think how enjoying great old films is parallel to what we do at Yours Truly Photo. 

So much history lives in movies and photographs.  Take a look at photos from your childhood.  When I look at my old photos I look at everything in the frame - the objects in the backgrounds, the cars, our clothing, and of course - who was there.  These snapshots are like time capsules.  When someones house is on fire what do they run inside to save? Photographs.

Read this (very short) story from Readers Digest!

The value of a photograph is recession proof - it will climb in value exponentially over time, it's one of very few things that our children's children may truly cherish.

So what now?  In 30 years when your child wants photos from his/her childhood how will you deliver them?  Do you....Will you have ANY photos?  Indeed our priceless family heirloom photos that we would risk our life to protect we trust to our digital devices to keep safe.

Print them!

Our prices are as low as 29 cents.  It's easy, and we can make a print or photo gift from any source. 

The memories held in movies and photographs are timeless.  Please handle with care.

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