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I hate star ratings anywhere for anything.  I'd rather leave and read an actual review.  Ever read low star reviews on amazon?  It's usually people who ordered the wrong thing, or weren't smart enough to read the description of the item in the first place.  With Facebook, people can leave a star rating about any business with no explanation. If the front window had a bug on it we can get a one star rating, affecting our business, turning off potential clients.  The fact that your high school student didn't bring home his school photo order form and your mad that he didn't tell you about picture day shouldn't affect my ability to reach potential wedding clients - it's a completely unrelated issue.  

Call us if there's ever a problem! 

Don't be nasty.  We're humans, we shop at Walmart like you and we go to church on Sundays. If there's a problem, give us a call so we can work it out.  We can fix errors really really fast and without arguememt, you just have to keep your cool.  There's no need to call any business and act rude or disrespectful, and for me, Please and Thank You are still magic words.  Use them!