Child Sessions are fun at Yours Truly Photography!

Nearly everything we do at our studio revolve around children and youth.  Each year we photograph hundreds of children in schools, at sports events, and in the studio.  Steve & Joanna are naturals with kids and can always get them to react.

The hardest part about photographing children are the parents and grandparents!  In fact the only rules we have are for the parents!

Rules for Parents:

  1. The less coaching the better - we may ask you to step into the next room.
  2. Words to avoid - SMILE, SHOW YOUR TEETH, NO YOUR REAL SMILE!!  None of these help.  Just let us do the talking.
  3. No negative reinforcement.  "You better smile or it's no video games when we get home!"
  4. When it's over, it's over.  We work fast and take good photos.  Just because it takes 200 shots with your phone dosen't mean it take us the same.