Photo Restoration

Time takes its toll on photos.  Whether it is water damage, mold, fading, creases, or tears, we have the skill to make your photo look like new and change it to add or remove people, objects, or backgrounds from photos!

We make a digital image of your photo and create a whole new print.  Your original is unharmed, and will never leave our studio.  Furthermore, we can make your new print almost any size! 

Want to add color to your favorite black and white print?  Let our resident artist breathe life back into it with beautiful, breathtaking color.

Preparing Your prints for restoration

Prepare your print

  • If possible, remove the print(s) from  frames and albums.  Please do not remove them if they are stuck, of there is danger of damaging the print further.

Consider your restored size and archive option.

  • What size do you want your restored print?  Larger, smaller or the same size?  Let us archive your project to DVD so that you can make additional prints in the future.

Package photo

  • Bring or mail your print to:
    Yours Truly Photography
    408 N Main St | PO Box 408
    Kilmarnock, VA 22482


Photo restoration
Every restoration job is quoted individually.  This is based strictly on the amount of work required, not by the age, original size, or finished size.

Light restoration $15-$25
Medium restoration $26-$75
Heavy restoration $76-$150


Mail-In Service

Not from these parts?  No problem - we receive work from all over the country.  Simply mail it with pertinent contact information to the address on our contact page.  We'll give you a call when we receive it to collect payment and any additional details we need.  Just want an estimate, take a cell phone photo of the print to be restored and we'll get right back to you.