Real Estate Photography

Yours Truly Photography is your regional real estate photography company.

We are the go-to company for high quality home photos.  You need photos, they need to be good and you need them now.  That's what our customers demand, and we are happy to deliver.  Our photography know-how, professional equipment and high standards work together to create beautiful images help your houses sell.

  • Indoor & Outdoor professional Photography

  • Low distortion lenses and techniques.

  • HDR photography done right with realistic contrast.

  • One-week turnaround on photos.

  • MLS friendly picture files.

  • You own the rights to print, post & use the photos at your discretion.

Aerial Photography

A professional pilot, combined with a Certified Professional Photographer and equipment are the ingredients that make us the most sought after aerial photography outfit in the area.  We fly at several altitudes over your property.  The result is a wide range of high quality photos for your handouts and MLS listings.

  • Fly when you want, even down to the minute.

  • Combine properties into one flight to save $

  • Property photos as low as $150

  • FAA Commercial Pilot and Photographer are fully licenced and insured to take aerial photos.

As a realtor you don’t need me to tell you that amateur photos rarely capture the house as a home. Crooked horizons, poor lighting, boring angles and much-too-bright windows are commonplace for low-end real estate photos, especially those taken with smart phones and tablets.
— Steve