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Posed League Photos & Action Photography

Yours Truly Photography is the regional leader in sports photography!  We work with several area YMCA's , County Associations and Schools to bring you the highest quality photography and service.  We strive for great photographs and uncompromised customer service.

Our Commitment to your league or organization.

  • Trusted, local family-owned business.

  • Earn money for your league

  • Servicing several organizations since 2007

  • Keep the same photographer every year

  • We own the lab

  • Hassle-Free, On Schedule, Smooth picture day.

  • Recognized speaker & educator

  • Complimentary sponsor plaques

  • Complimentary team CD for your website

  • Custom memory mates designed by Yours Truly

  • Personalized trading cards

  • Huge variety of personalized specialty products

  • Quality, Service and Value that is unrivalved

  • Professional cameras & lenses by Canon

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Always.

  • Onsite / Overnight printing available.

League Photography

Facts about our league photography:

  • Organized and hassle free photo day.

  • Plenty of qualified personnel for the job at hand.

  • Clear & Concise Order forms with down-to-earth prices

  • Bar-code technology and professional software for extremely high order accuracy.

  • 100% is completed in our own Kilmarnock lab for fast turnaround.

Action Photography

Professional action photography makes your tournament a memorable one.  Yours Truly Photography photographs each player in action, prints the photos as big, bold 8x10 prints then offers them for sale.  We can print very fast with our software and high-end production printer in Kilmarnock.

Additional facts about our Action Photography

  • No cost to the organization.

  • A crowd-pleaser - everyone loves our action photos.

  • Talented & courteous photographers with professional equipment

  • Beautiful prints at a reasonable price.

  • We support your organization!

Frequently Asked Photo Day Questions

 Q: I'm new to all of this, how does it work?

A: We've been doing sports photography for years, and we've streamlined our process to make it as quick and easy as possible.  First, fill out the order form - be sure to write clearly - most errors are due to stray marks and careless handwriting.  Next, bring the form and payment to the team member at our table on photo day.  The team member will collect the payment, and mark the form paid.  Your player can go to the photographer at any time.  Make sure you don't leave without having a team photo taken!

Q: I didn't know it was picture day...  Can I still get photos?

A: Yes!  We always have a limited supply of order forms on hand at picture day.  Complete it and return it with payment to the team member at the table.  We schedule photo day with organizations at least a week in advance.

Q: I forgot my check book - what are my options?

A: We understand!  We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  We cannot accept IOU's, poultry, or teenagers as payment.  Payment is due on photo day.

Q: I missed photo day, is there a makeup day?

A: No.  We do not have makeup days for sports photos.  We begin to process orders quickly after we take them.  Some of our designs are very complex, and we methodically complete them all at the same time.  Secondly, due to our busy schedule and distance, we cannot physically come twice to your location.

Please make note of when photo day will be.  It happens every season, so be prepared!

Q: When will my photos be ready - and where will they be?

A: Processing time is typically just 10 days.  Most photos are mailed to you - be sure to complete your mailing address on the bottom of our form.

 Q: I have 2 children, do I need to use 2 forms?

A: Yes, please use one form per child.  You may pay with the same check.

Q: There's been a problem with my order, what do I do?

A: Call us as soon as possible!  Because each order is fulfilled by a human, there will be a few mistakes.  Fortunately, we can quickly correct the mistake and have it back in your hands in as little as a couple hours.  We store a digital copy of your order form on file for reference and convenience.