Take your event to the next level with a Photo Booth!


It's fun and functional!  Get great photos of your guests having a great time!  Everyone loves the booth - and because it's all digital and internet connected you can make the most of instantly receiving and sharing photos.

For business

imaging your employees faces when they see a photo booth during break at a seminar or training session.  Also makes a great ice breaker.

Non-Profit functions

Our booths travel all over the area taking hundreds of photos a year.  A big portion of these events are non-profit functions and fundraisers.  Guests take home the photos with your event date and logo on it.  they enjoy that photo, and next year when you send them an invitation they recall those fun memories and come back.  No budget for a booth - consider having it sponsored, just like any other donated item.

Why a Yours Truly Booth?

Everyone loves it!

Some people think photos booths are a kids thing - wrong!  Adults LOVE out photo booth.  When the curtains are closed there's always a lot of laughing.  And everyonein the picture gets their own photo!  The pros from Yours Truly Photography make sure everyone has a good time, plays fair and everything runs smoothly.

Our photo booth plays well with others.

Seconds after you pose, you can post them to Facebook, Email, SMS, or Email your photos.  All we need is a reliable wireless or wired internet connection.

Photo, video & more

We're always upgrading and improving the booths, you can take photos, and/or leave a video message - perfect for weddings!  how about a survey, or a short fun question and answer after the photos?  all possibilities with a Yours Truly Photography photo booth.